Automated Live Streaming & VOD Platform

Automated Video On Demand


 Our platform allows you to upload video content, record content from  your live stream, or upload your grid/schedule and the system will  automatically crop your shows, categorize them, and push them to your  site for Video on Demand Delivery. You can even connect it to your  Internal EPG software to automate the entire workflow.  

Features Auto Recording and Archiving based on your Schedule/ Grid/ EPG Software!

Pause, Rewind, and Record!


 Mango K2 Platform allows you to rewind your linear stream, choose a certain  clip, and with one simple click ingest that into your video library. 

Realtime Viewership Analytics


With our next level analytics tool, you can now know who is watching  your content in real time, you can know their preferences, interests,  age, gender, social status, location, and much more which allows you to  personalize content for the right audience.  

Understand your Live Streaming and Video on Demand Audience in Realtime!

Mangostudio: Video Editing in the Cloud


 Mangostudio is a full Video Editing Solution in the Cloud. Features  include Automatic Commercial Detection, Cropping, Trimming, Merging,  Watermarking, etc... and Connects directly to your Video on Demand  Library. 

 A Full Video Editing Solution that works directly from your Browser! 

Resume Playback, Automatic Episode Forwarding, User Circulation Module, and Many more...


Resume Playback between multiple devices, Automatic Episode Forwarding  Whenever an Episode Comes to an End, Smarter Recommendation for similar  content, User Circulation to increase viewership, Casting, and many more  all from the same platform! 

Mangomolo Offers some innovative playback features that take viewing experience to the next level. 

MangoNow - The Ultimate Journalist Companion


MangoNow allows any Reporter, Journalist, or Content creator to stream  live events or record and ingest videos through a native mobile  publishing application. All you need is MangoNow on your mobile with a  selfie stick and you can stream industry grade content directly and with  no heavy equipment needed! . 

Stream Live Events or Record / Ingest Videos on the Run, Supports User Generated Content

Stream to Facebook Live , Persicope, or YouTube


With a simple Click, Mangomolo allows you to send your linear live  stream to Facebook Live, Periscope, or YouTube.  Enjoy all the social  sharing features from one place, all with a simple click.  

All the Social Sharing Features, from one single place!

Full SERVER SIDE & Cloud playout Server with Ad Serving Solution


Our platform includes a feature Rich Cloud Playout server AD Server that allows you to serve  video advertising on all your VOD Content. Ads can be targeted by Date,  Video Category, Show, Season, Country, Time, and Location (Preroll,  Midroll, Overlay, Post Roll) and can also connect to third party Ad  Servers like DFP. The main advantage is that our ads can be served  within the actual streams and hence they would give users the 100%  linear experience they find on TV. Monetize your Content with one simple click! Our AD Serving Module  offers a seamless AD experience where users are unable to recognize when  ads stop and videos start... 

Web based Segmenting and Chaptering


Mangomolo gives you a web based segmenting and chaptering tool that  allows you to break your video files into different chapters/ segments  and create a playlist with just one click. No more manual cropping of  chapters and uploading them manually, it all happens in your browser and  100 times faster. 

Do you want to split your 1 hour Video into different chapters/ segments? 

YouTube Connection


Push content to your Custom Channel/ Playlist on YouTube with just one  Click. You can also import content from your YouTube channel into  Mangomolo with just one click.  

Import or Push To YouTube with just one Click

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