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We have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of working and designing complex IP and broadcast Systems. We can source any product and integrate into complex infrastructures giving the end user simple usability in a complex work environment. Having worked in both systems engineering and large scale television production allows us to understand the whole delivery network from start to finish.

Our Management Consulting has worked all over the world . 

The defence team offer bespoke systems integration in the FR and CT environment allowing unique complex analysis using real-time reporting, VR 360 data and encrypted streaming.

Channel Launches and Tendering EPG Scheduling and Ingest Broadcast Facilities Management

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Channel Launches. We can get you on air! We are very efficient at guiding you through the process of acquiring multi-tier broadcast  platforms including license application, compliance,` scheduling  and contract negotiations for services. We specify and write technical tenders for clients allowing the bid process to be clear and accurate.

2017 has seen us launch multiple channels across 29 different  types of broadcast, IP and social media networks in SD,HD, UHD or higher. We can source Paid for content and advertising for placement on your channel. We supply EPG sourcing and sales  and offer Ingest hardware and media workflow systems design. Our specialists advise on bringing multiple systems and processes together to work as one.

MANGO MOLO Live streaming & VOD Platform VR 360 Uplinks Cloud based Playout servers

Video On demand, VoD, live streaming,

We provide advanced Live streaming and VOD delivery with full hosting. The platform provides full playout automation, EPG and cloud editing, Content automation and much more.

Cloud Based Channel Playout servers SD, HD, 4K and 8K!

We also offer MCR, Scheduling and QC services. Technical facilities management, management consulting  with personnel. 

Streaming systems design and builds with bespoke manufacturing using military grade computing and components, Please ask about our Vmix and Niagara 4K production and transmission  products.

We serve the Broadcast, Security, education and Event sectors

Uplink and Remote Production

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Our state of the art outside broadcast van facilities allows you to produce a complete live show and broadcast it directly to any number of TV stations or internet sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Click through to see full technical specifications. 


4K, HD and Web playout Services

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BSEL now offer hardware and cloud based UHD playout facilities from BSEL Pinewood. We deliver your  content to any platform or uplink provider in the world. 

With full scheduling automation and live feed ingest using our Marsis hardware and Cloud playouts from any location and delivered to all Satellite, DVB, OTT and streaming platform you require. 

We also provide and  deliver scaled OTT CDN managed content to your apps, smart tv's and online channels with full hosting and web services including ad server delivery. 

 BSEL can set up a live test TV channel and see for yourself!

Automated 4K / HD / SD / IP Web Playout hardware and Virtualized, Cloud Playout with Master Control!

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Marsis Playout, has standalone and server client versions. Web Playlist Control, Windows and Mac clients as well as Mobile apps available. Multi-Channel Automated Playout with Ip delivery. Marsis Automation is designed for both monitoring and managing the Playout Operation. 

New technology allows operators to drag and drop content, make playlist as well as monitor Video Server output in the preview window. Marsis Web Client can limit access to each and every channel along with content based on user permission. This unique feature offers option to rent single server to multiple customer in  a secure and safe Cloud and hardware based environment. 

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MCR, vMix Gold, vMix Enterpise Support  and Playout Clients, if you have a transmission out of hours emergency please contact the support number given in your services agreement or call  +44 (0)20 8611 2849 option 3 and leave a message clearly stating your contact number and channel ID or name. You will then receive a call back from the MCR staff or use the contact sheet on the home page of this website. 

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