Systems Integration - Streaming - VR360 MCR - Security

Streaming and Production


BSEL design and build the ultimate production streaming hardware and software systems. Built using military grade equipment. Available with 4k screens mapped to 24K above UHD combined resolutions. These systems are bespoke designed to your needs and beyond. We are the only supplier to offer the Vmix 4K ultra systems for intensive sports and entertainment production and streaming.

VR 360

Nokia OZO

We are experts in VR360 production and acquisition. We can supply full technical broadcast consulting  services and ultra powerful VR360 system including the Kandao Obsidean model S and Model R 3D realtime VR cameras. We offer Voysys VR 360 production programming and licensing. We recently provided live links and VR data satellite services to BBC Television, ESPN and Polocam TV.

Truck Design and Building

Uplink  truck

We design and build KA dual uplink and 4G bonded transmission trucks. Our vans are fitted with the latest IP routing, VR360 live TX systems, Voysys (subject to license) and hardware encoders as standard. Each truck has a 4K transmission switcher (Vmix, Voysys or Pixel Power) allowing a massive 6 VR 4K cameras to be live cut and streamed. All trucks have the ability for Live U and other bonded TX systems.

Defence CT and FR Systems


Defence and security systems integration using our bespoke designed data analysis hardware and processing for counter terrorism applications. Please contact our development consultants for further information in regards to your specific needs.

MCR Services

Broadcast Centre

Let us host your playout servers and run your scheduling, QC and transmission monitoring for your channels. We have cost effective transmission packages for all budgets from online channels to full networks that require compliance and EPG management

Channel Launch Consultants

Sky Television

Are you launching an online or TV channel? We can help you. We acquire EPG's and platform services for clients including helping you through the technical launch process onto any platform. Our specialists are independent and  will give you the best possible advice for your needs.